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Smart Foods Consulting - Food Technology Consultancy


Food Product development
Smart Foods Consulting Pty Ltd can offer the technical expertise in product development that will ensure project success. Whether concept development is required or the guiding of a project through to manufacture and launch, Smart Foods Consulting can bring both innovation and scientific rigor.

Product and process improvement
Smart Foods Consulting can assist in product and process improvement. For example, formulating processed cheese for improved microbiological and shelf life stability, or redeveloping muesli bars to deliver improved nutrition, texture and shelf life stability.

Nutrition and regulatory affairs
Smart Foods Consulting has considerable experience on delivering improved nutrition in snack foods. The company can assist in the development of new products or reformulate existing lines to qualify for nutrition or health claims under the FSANZ 1.2.7 – Nutrition, Health and Related Claims.

Smart Foods Consulting can assist in troubleshooting immediate issues that may be affecting output, quality or product safety.

Cost optimisation
Smart Foods Consulting can investigate ways of optimising finished product costs using cheaper materials or alternative manufacturing processes.

Shelf life improvement
Using techniques such as water activity control, Smart Foods Consulting can formulate products to deliver improved shelf life stability and microbiological stability.

Smart Foods Consulting can also assist in packaging development.

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